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Mr.Saperstein is one of the best lawyers you could ever retain as your injury attorney, I mean he was honest, straightforward, and works hard for you whether it be big or small,how I know I’ve dealt with him twice as of today and he settled my claim for far more than my expectations and he explains everything word for word and I promise I wouldn’t hire and/or retain anyone over Mr.Saperstein he’s truly the man

Carey is one of thee best injury lawyers in Chicago. He is very nice and tells you how it is upfront. He stay in contact and answers all questions you may have. He doesn’t win unless you win and he fights for you just like that.
~Candice J.

Great Guy
~Katie J.

Great Experience.
~W. U.

I love Cary Saperstein, he gets the jobs done . I been working with him for years and I can honestly say he is a awesome lawyer, one of the best I know.
-Geni Smith

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